Referral Forms

Our goal is for TAEP youth to benefit from and be successful in our partnering arts programs. Click here to see the listing of programs and classes. In order to make sure that TAEP is the right fit for a particular child, we ask you to help us by filling out the following forms. These documents will determine whether the child you are referring meets TAEP criteria at this time. A Social Worker, Guardian Ad Litem, or Court Counselor should complete these forms. TAEP representatives will process all information provided. Click here to learn more about our Court Partnerships.

TAEP’s Youth Screening and Referral Process

  1. Complete a TAEP Youth Screening Form (Step 1 below).
  2. Receive notification of screening results via email. If youth meets all participating guidelines you will be given an access code to complete a TAEP Youth Referral Form (Step 2 below).
  3. Complete a TAEP Parent/Guardian Consent Form (Step 3 below).
  4. A TAEP representative will contact referred youth and/or the referring party via phone to obtain information for TAEP’s Youth Interest Form (Step 4) below), and to place youth in the arts program of his or her choice.
  5. Once intake information is complete, TAEP will match youth to his or her program of interest within 10 days and confirm whether spaces in the program are available. Note: A parent or guardian’s signature will be required in order to register the youth in the arts program.  Confirmation and further information will be provided, including, but not limited to, mandatory orientation. If the program of interest is not available, the youth will be placed on a waiting list.

Step 1: TAEP Youth Screening Form

Step 2: TAEP Youth Referral Form   (access code required)

Step 3: TAEP Parent/Guardian Consent Form   (access code required)

Step 4: TAEP Youth Interest Form   (access code required)