How It Works

We match children impacted by violence and abuse to meaningful, fulfilling arts experiences.


Identifying Children

Attorneys by trade, we are experienced navigators of the court system. Together with our staff members and assistants, we work with the Department of Social Services, the Department of Juvenile Justice and Guardian Ad Litem and licensed counselors to identify children who exhibit the most potential for a transformative experience.


Connecting Them to the Arts

Arts patrons at our core, we leverage long-standing relationships with a diverse group of the areas most engaging and structured enrichment programs. This allows for the custom placement of individuals according to their interests and aptitudes and positions them for success. 

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Paying for the Programs

Via a refined model of private donations, corporate sponsorship and grant funding, we subsidize all tuition and transportation fees. This allows our program’s participants to devote themselves to their arts without worrying about costs or means of transportation.

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We believe in a brighter tomorrow.

Children can mend their spirits through the therapeutic power of art. Abused
children who participate in the arts routinely cite their involvement as a means of
redirecting their lives and counteracting the negative effects of their circumstances.

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