Court Partnerships

The Arts Empowerment Project is a member of the Mecklenburg County 26th Judicial District Court’s Arts & Science Collaboration Initiative, which works to bring the positive effects of arts involvement to children in the greater Charlotte area.

Spearheaded by Judge Louis A. Trosch, Jr. of the 26th Judicial District, the Collaborative Initiative was established in 2012 to foster the District Court’s relationship with community arts organizations and child advocacy groups, as well as more than a dozen existing Arts & Science Council programs and partnering programs in Charlotte.

Currently, The Arts Empowerment Project coordinates with the District Court to identify court-involved youth who identify great potential for a transformative arts experience. We then match these children to engaging and structured enrichment programs and fund their tuition and travel expenses.

In May 2014, we launched our Pilot Program, and we will measure our outcomes based on court-involved youth’s successful participation in existing arts programs. Our partners in this endeavor include a diverse array of local arts organizations.