The Arts Empowerment Project coordinated with Blumenthal Performing Arts to secure a total of 120 tickets to the CIRCUS 1903 performance. Approximately 33 families were able to see the performances May 2-4th.
“My son is in the Shyft community service program and I heard and I received information about complimentary tickets through this program. I had already seen the commercials about Circus 1903. This program has also opened up a whole new level of us to do, learn, and have fun together as a family.”
-Anita Harrison, Mother
Omar Valera recently had the opportunity to foster 2 children, it was kind of a turn of events but they where able to take them in and bond with them over the show. “It was a great show, we are blessed and happy to have had seen the presentation.” He also stated that the kids where talking nonstop about it at school and at home. I asked the 11 year old if he liked the show and he said “No! I loved it!” he said “I thought it was just going to be some tricks but it was an actual Circus performance… my favorite part was the juggling and the men on stilts.”

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